Sunday, 19 June 2011

My display pic on sale!

So a while ago I got fed up with trying to find jewellery and watches that fit my tiny wrists and so I started making things....turns out not everything I make is So a few of them are going to be appearing on Etsy in the next few weeks!! Here's one of them:

Green and Silver Bead and Charm Watch

Sneak Peek!!

Here's a sneak peek at some of the new handmade tiara and hair pieces from Just For You Bridal, Birmingham, who says they just have to be for brides?

Monday, 13 June 2011

Elephtheria Sale

As if we weren't already getting a bargain with Elephtheria's couture clothing, she's now put on a sale for us to enjoy! Some of your favourite pieces are now even cheaper, so for those of your who feel you need an excuse to justify that new piece of clothing, you don't need one anymore!

Skirts, tops and dresses they are all in there waiting for you to discover them, it's like stumbling upon a hidden garden of flowers browsing through Elephtheria's beautiful floral pieces with very encouraging price tags!

Well done all you FB Fans, you made this sale, you should feel proud that you have made these wonderful, beautiful pieces even more accessible to the fashionistas out there! Make sure you get your own little pieces of this dazzling designers work before you miss out! Who knows what you will find that tickles your fancy?

Spend those few minutes on the way to work, or at lunch browsing these sensational garments at

Thursday, 9 June 2011

And this is where I caved......

Displayed on a bed of rice how could I resist those natural feather earrings!! And so yes I caved, work became shopping but at least Offers Boutique will get a nice article out of it and I got my earrings!!!

Decadorn is the culprit who lured me in with her wonderful designs.

Ok so I wasn't intending to spend any money.....and then there was those earrings.......

How many days gone by,,,,,

It certainly doesn't seem to take long before a few days and even a week or two flashes by but I have actually been busy!!!  For anyone wanting something to do this week head to London Jewellery Week's Jewel East at the Old Spitalfields Market, there's great designers to be seen and much shopping to be done!!!

These are just a few of the designers that caught my attention yesterday!

Livia Lazzari

Livia Lazzari produces exquisite pieces that are free from the confines of conventional jewellery and make fantastic eye-catching displays. With a dark almost ritual feel to the pieces they have real presence and attract you to them.


And who thought nylon thread couldn't look beautiful?? Vlum proves it really can with her unique items in all the colours of the rainbow!! Everything is just so bright and colourful you can't take your eyes off of it.

Becky Dockree

If you want something a little more substantial Becky Dockree's designs may be what you are looking for. They are solid and tangible and yet with the etched designs they still retain a delicate appearance.