Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Shoes!

Yeh, I've heard it a thousand times I probably didn't need any more shoes, but I couldn't resist! After way too many times being outbid on Ebay for brogues I'd given up looking for a nice pair of flats for walking to work or going shopping and then it happened....

I walked into TK MAXX (I'm officially addicted t rummaging through the rails of clothes) and headed for the shoes and BOOM! these lovely pair jumped out at me and in my size and on sale!

 Who I am to go against fate? :P


  1. ooh what a find - i haven't been to tk maxx for ages, i do like the thrill of the rummage tho!

  2. I love TK maxx! They have their final clearance of atm,with the yellow stickers :) x

  3. Ooooh do they? what a shame it was pay day this week! x

  4. These are lovely! I especially like the floral design on the inside :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad